Red Road

About our company

Red Road is a UK-based manufacturer of webbing-based products and technical fabric equipment. We manufacture products and accessories for sport climbing and outdoor pursuits, height safety and rescue, covers and impact protection for plant and equipment of all sizes, plus our famous range of bags and sacks for carrying everything from rope and harnesses to mobile phones and bicycles!

We are based in Saddleworth near Manchester, with excellent distribution links to the UK and beyond. Our staff all have decades of experience working for some of the most famous climbing and industrial safety companies in the world, producing the most respected products since the earliest days of the industry.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and rapid turnaround, but above all our ability to produce cost-effective low volume product runs and prototypes. Many manufacturers can supply orders in the thousands but don't show the same interest in supplying ten. Our energy and drive to supply the best applies equally to a single prototype or a worldwide shipment of thousands per week. We can support new manufacture and improvement programs with unrivalled efficiency.

We are certified to ISO9001, and can assist in all aspects of product rollout, from sourcing of components to the design of instruction manuals and packaging. We can distribute products worldwide, including direct distribution to retail outlets for OEM lines.

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