Red Road Product Catalog

Our product line includes bags for use in sport, travel, industrial work at height and technical rescue, to carry everything from a few tools or a length of rope to an entire team kit. Our bags are used by the largest cellular telecoms companies in the UK, many Fire and Rescue services and all the leading rigging companies.

All our products are designed using the same high-quality materials and construction patterns used for our height safety, guaranteeing they will out-perform their rivals. Every design shown here is available in customised patterns on request - from simple screenprinting of corporate logos to complete changes to the dimensions and features. Just ask and we'll be happy to supply a quote for any quantity - unlike many offshore manufacturers we are perfectly happy to supply low-volume orders at the same competitive prices.

Rope Weight

An indestructible pear-shaped flexible weight used to prevent ropes flapping about in the wind, or for throwing full-size ropes across obstacles.

The shape ensures they are unlikely to snag, and a full-strength steel ring allows easy connection or tie-in.

Standard weight – 350g (can be made larger if required)

Rope Protector

Classic Velcro closure rope protector offers wear resistance with non-damaging finish. Eyelets for securing to rope (accessory cord supplied).

Length 100cm, width 10cm (max. closed diameter 40mm).

Available in PVC, Cordura or Canvass. Please ask for colours.

Parking Loop

A semi-rigid plastic loop with Velcro closure, designed to fix around your lanyard shoulder or chest strap and provide a simple and safe place to store unused fall arrest lanyard tails.

Will safely pull away from the harness at less than 50kgf and can be used again and again. Also commonly used to attach small tools and keys, so if they become entangled the climber can pull themselves free.

Will fit webbing up to 60mm wide.

Rescue Cutters & Pouch

Stainless steel safety cutters with integral lanyard and quick-release pouch, designed for attachment to a belt or harness with twin elasticated straps.

Used by climbers and rescue teams to safely and rapidly cut through rope or webbing, the safety cutters have curved blades to maximise accuracy and safety.

They will cut rope up to 13mm in a single action. Webbing of any size can be cut, and even copper cables.

Used by the leading fire service line rescue teams in the country, all the major rigging and telecoms engineers and rope access teams.

Triangular Rope Weight

Flat semi-rigid throwbag made from topspan and filled with metal shot, for throwing or catapulting thin lines over high obstacles.

Used by tree surgeons, rope access technicians and anyone needing to get string somewhere high above them!

Steel ring one end for your cord, web loop at the other to tie in your ropes. Streamlined shape prevents snagging. Weight 250 grammes.

Pod Bag

Small tool bag with nylon drawstring closure. Belt loops to attach to a harness or a waist belt can be made on request.

Industrial Climbers Seat

This seat provides additional support while working suspended on rope, relieving pressure on the legs and preventing the onset of suspension trauma and associated symptoms when working for extended periods.

Non PPE, must be used in conjunction with an appropriate safety harness.

Tool Frog

Semi-rigid belt-mounted panel with loops for spanners, hammers and other long tools. Designed to allow them to swing as you climb, reducing the risk of dropping them on something or somebody important.

Gear Pouches

A range of zip-top pouches for connection to your belt or harness, perfect to carry all the expensive stuff you can't afford to drop - cameras, keys, test equipment, sunglasses, first aid kits, socket sets, nuts and bolts.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small: 12 x 10 x 6 cm
  • Medium: 16 x 11 x 6 cm
  • Large: 16 x 12 x 8 cm

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